Adobe Optimization Consulting: Data Driven Design

*Due to NDA I cannot write out all the project specifics here

The Challenge

As an optimization consultant intern for Adobe, I served in an interesting position that merged code, design and business strategy. I worked with a variety of Fortune 500 clients across different veritcals to optimize and personalize their websites through data-driven A/B testing decisions.

The Tool

The Adobe Target tool was the specific solution I consulted for. Adobe Target is a powerful testing tool that uses JavaScript to manipulate the DOM of a website without altering source code, while tracking success metrics in A/B tests. As part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, this solution was a B2B tool that allowed businesses to drive marketing decisions and see significant lifts in revenue.

The Project

My main project of the summer was to prepare a comprehensive strategy for testing on a major tech client site who was new to Adobe Target, then present it to the client at the end of term. This roadmap would then guide the entire testing implementation and vision going forward, from tests to restructure of the organization.

I utilized Google Analytics to identify the major areas of improvement for the site and its subsites. By looking at pageviews, user flow and heatmaps, I was able to draw inferences as to which areas could be improved upon and develop test ideas.

These tests are currently still in production.

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