ThirdLove Redesign

The Challenge

*Update: I will be joining ThirdLove this summer as an NEA Design Fellow!*
As part of my interview process, I was asked to redesign the ThirdLove desktop homepage and bra shopping page experiences.

My Approach

Throughout the interview process, I discovered that a lot of our discussions centered around personalization, or how we could work upon making the experience more tailored to each individual that visited the site.

I thus centered my redesign concept around the idea of personalization. I also fixed some usability/accessibility issues that I had discovered, such as color contrast, information hierarchy, and tried to slim down the content on the site.

Personalization for the New User

For the webpage design below, I am targeting the new user , or someone who has never been to the site before. I think fit finder is an incredibly useful tool that educates and helps users understand what they're looking for better, so I tried to give it more prominence as a pop up window. Users can exit out whenever they choose, which would lead to the next webpage design below (if they hadn't completed the quiz).

In addition, I trimmed down the content so it gives more prominence to 'fit', rather than 'shop'. The current website is much like a beautiful catalogue, but if ThirdLove aims to tackle the modern woman, then the emphasis should be placed upon comfort and the distinguishing factors that make ThirdLove superior. I also made the chat bar a floating tab that will extend out initially (see third screen) and be able to aid customers whenever they choose, consistent across the site.

Personalization for the Returning User

For the returning user, greater emphasis is placed on new products they might like to try out. The middle section thus has a recommended products panel that will encourage users to try out different bras according to previous selections. In addition, the top nav will display them as logged in.

A Personalized Product Page Experience

This bra shopping page also places emphasis on the personalization of the experience. At the top, there is a bra builder, which allows users to customize what they're looking for-- first by selecting their bra style, then color, etc. Assuming users are logged in, then the bra finder would be slightly different depending on the best bra for them.

Closing thoughts

This redesign allowed me to think about the personalization of shopping experiences for the modern woman. I wanted to focus on making shopping as closely tailored to each person's needs as possible, as different women have different needs for bras. As I was doing this challenge, I also talked to a couple of different women who mentioned their different pain points in shopping for supportive bras, and I think if fit finder could be expanded upon to provide the truly tailored experience, then customers would definitely return!

Additional ideas I would've liked to explore but due to time limitations could not included tailoring the shopping experience and making it more inclusive of women of different colors, and fleshing out bra finder.