Designing for Enterprise Scale Software Requests

The Challenge

During my internship at Disney, I was asked to reimagine the experience of requesting software for a team. Although this initially seemed like an easy task, the more I dug into this problem, the more intricacies I discovered.

The Landscape + Problem

Disney has a fragmented internal software request system, split among many departments. Part of this is due to the nature of a large corporation, the many different needs of teams across the company (everything from studio design to accounting and engineering), and the highly specialized needs of each individual team. In return, the team that managed internal tools and permissions within Disney was inundated with requests on understanding how they could maximize the potential of their teams through different applications and platforms. This led to a slow moving process that prevented product owners from doing their real jobs, and instead spent time "working on working", or explaining the same set of tools multiple times a day to different teams.

*A "solution" to tackle this fragmented system had been attempted multiple times, but ultimately failed-- usually due to a lack of understanding of the users it was trying to service. *

The Approach

With this project, I attempted to remedy this situation through a technology platform that could function as an internal app store, and I employed a bottom up approach-- by talking to individuals, key stakeholders, product owners, and past PMs who attempted this project, ultimately building out a concept that is currently in production.

The video at the top of this page is an example of one common user request flow (complete with animation) I built out during my internship. For InVision demo and additional details about process for this project, please contact me directly!

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