Hi, nice to meet you!

Current: San Francisco || Previous: San Jose, Taipei, London, Los Angeles

I'm Cheechee - Silicon Valley born, Taiwan raised boba addict / product designer / energetic & curious person.

I discovered website builders as a freshman in college, and I've fallen in love with digital product design ever since (p.s. you are currently viewing v6 of my website).

Design, to me, is about solving problems. I'm absolutely invigorated by challenges that aim to tackle real world problems, and I believe in grounding design decisions in research + data.

When I'm not at work, you can find me reviewing places on Yelp + adventuring in the great outdoors. Most recently, I was in Barcelona, Tokyo, Thailand, and Amsterdam.

I'm always down to collaborate on interesting projects or meet new people. Drop me a line here or tweet me!

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